Social Justice in an Uneven World

When we talk about social justice we must not forget that we live in an uneven world.  Our world’s beautiful configuration is based on diversity, nature and nurture.

The mere idea of a world that is going to be equal for everyone and where each member of society should get and own the exact same thing is a utopia.  Advocates of a communal society forget the fact that not everyone is after  monetary equality.  Most humans want safety, peace, comfort, and community.  These things represent the freedom we want a plenty and at all times.

Advocates of social justice must be clear about the fact that free does not mean freedom. Giving away equal quantities of food or essential items goes against this desire to choose freely.

Learning about another culture, language and traditions is an effective way to reach social justice.  As we get closer to other human beings, we experience each other’s realities.  We feel more alike, even if our worlds are uneven; it’s a natural interaction. In this same natural way, we learn to help each other; we even develop a new appreciation for our own culture.

At the end, unevenness is natural and represents freedom.  For social justice’s sake, let’s focus on human relations and not on things.

Veronica Ramírez


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